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Go ahead crave sugar!  Sugar may not be the best thing for your body when eaten as a treat however when treating your skin it does wonders.  Sugar has small granules so it is less abrasive than salt scrubs which makes it great for people with sensitive skin, yet it still gently exfoliates the top layer of dead skin revealing soft smooth skin underneath.  Your skin never feels stripped of it's natural PH because Sugar has natural humecante properties that lock in the moisture leaving skin feeling hydrated.   Sugar scrubs can be very versatile so for this sugar scrub we chose a light fresh floral scent, Rose Clay and a whipped foaming butter combination.  Rose Clay itself is a mild clay that cleanses the skin as it detoxes and purifies your pores and the whipped foaming butter luxuriously lathers up and rinses away leaving behind beautiful moisturized skin. 



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