Welcome and thanks for visiting our store. We are Tim and Sandra the proud founders of The Bubble Barn. In 2016 we decided to open a business to share our passion for Natural Skin Care products and Candles that we ourselves enjoy and would like to share with you.  Whether it’s the natural soothing  benefits of our soaps and skin care products or enjoying your favorite scent with a cup of coffee or glass of wine we want you to truly love our products.

Through our baby steps over the last year and our belief we could create quality products that make a difference in daily life, “The Bubble Barn” was born.

With our successes and yes, failures during this time we have moved forward with the determination to hand make the very best products for our customers.

We are not a large company mass producing, rather a small business in Plainwell, Michigan running small batches of our products every day with great care.  We don’t just make “soap and candles”!  We spend hundreds of hours testing and perfecting what we make.  You see,
from day one we wanted to create a great product.  We truly care about quality and the service we provide.  You see, we want you to love what we make as much as we do.  That’s what makes us smile!

Sandra and Tim