Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap

Oatmeal Stout Beer Soap

Tim Blake

One of our best selling soap is our Oatmeal Stout Beer soap and yes we use 12 oz. of Stout Beer for every batch which makes 13 bars of the soap. 

Sometimes we get funny looks with our Beer Soap.  But the reason we make it is for the unique benefits for men and women!  Our beer soap is more than good for moisturizing.  The Hops, in beer is great for it's skin softening amino acids which is great for irritated skin and fights ache.  The vitamin B in beer adds even more to moisturizing your skin. And for shaving, the lather and properties of our soap, gives a great, close shave.

We made a new batch yesterday and wanted to talk to you about the process to make this wonderful soap!

Our Beer Soap uses Coconut, Palm, and Olive oils as well as two unique fragrances we have chosen to create a great scent for this soap.  We boil the beer for a bit to remove the alcohol in the beer.....sorry! 

The oils are heated to an exact temperature and mixed with the Sodium Hydroxide which causes the mixture to begin the "Trace" process or hardening.  We then add our fragrance and a lighter color to part of the mixture in our design phase of the process.  The mixture is carefully poured into the mold with a divider to seperate the two colors we use in the design.  The divider is pulled from the mold and we cover and insulate the block as it begins the curing process.

This is the time we watch carefully over the next few hours to be sure the soap isn't doing weird things it shouldn't be doing.  After a few days (it's like watching an egg hatch....ugh!) we take the block from the mold and cut into bars and put in a controlled environment to let the bars finish curing on racks. 

The process we use for most of our soaps is called a "Cold Process"  and takes about 4-6 weeks for the soap to cure.

So beer is not just for drinking!  Our customers that use this soap love the lather and the benefits using it.  So be sure to give it a try.....we're sure you'll be back for more!



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