Benefits of a handmade soap vs commercial soaps.

Sandra Ryan

Welcome to my very first blog.  Before I begin making some comparisons on hand made soaps vs. commercially made soaps, I would first like to share with you how making my own soap became a passion.

While visiting a local Farmers Market a couple summers ago I came across a beautiful Artisan soap that really caught my eye.  I really liked the idea of it being "all natural" since I myself have very sensitive and dry skin.  At first I thought the soap was way too pretty to actually ever use however I did decide to open it up and give it a try.  Little did I know after one use I would never go back to store bought body bars again.  I instantly noticed the lovely fresh scent, and the luxurious lather, however, what actually sold me was the way my skin felt afterward.  It didn't leave the filmy feeling I would get from a lot of body bars and my skin actually felt clean and moisturized, this led to the thought of why not make our own soap that we can both use and share with others.  Tim and I were already in the process of setting up a business for the making and selling of candles, why not add body care products this to the line?

Now while making soap is very fun and rewarding there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.  More on that later, first I want to share with you why all soaps are not created equal.

Before we started making our own soaps we did a lot of research, and the realization of what actually goes into commercial soaps surprised us.  Next time you are out shopping, take a closer look, chances are you won't even find the word soap on the label of commercial made products.  That is because all that makes a soap a soap is literally  taken out, ( a combination of Lye and fatty acids) only to be replaced with harsh preservatives, synthetic fillers, petroleum by products and a list of other chemicals that can cause allergic reactions also it can a  strip your skin of precious moisture and it's natural protective oils and leaves our skins PH levels off.  A good handmade soap has a perfect balance of what your skins craves, and believe me, your skin will thank you.  Most handmade soaps are scented with essential oils plus a combination of various natural oils like Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Almond Oil are used.  The ingredients also offer gentle exfoliating properties, natural antioxidants all while  moisturizing for healthy glowing well balanced skin.  Another nice thing is that no two soaps are made alike, you can customize the ingredients for all skin types by adding Honey, Oatmeal, Lavender, Clays, charcoal... the list really goes on.  I am working on  many more interesting blog posts. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hoped I was able to share a few things that you found helpful.   Have a blessed, great day.


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